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3-D Areola/Nipple Micropigmentation

For a minimum of two days before the following procedures, please avoid alcohol and aspirin, since they can cause bleeding.

Before all micropigmentation services, you will be required to fill out the necessary medical information forms.  You will then change into a comfortable and disposable gown, and a topical anesthetic will be applied to your skin.  

3-D Paramedical Areola/Nipple Restoration -  To complete your breast reconstruction, a three-dimensional, natural appearance of an areola and nipple is created. Before proceeding, a temporary marker will be used to indicate the exact size and placement of the areola/nipple for your approval. Once agreed to, the color pigments will be mixed and applied on your skin above the area to be treated until ideal colors are achieved and approved by you. After the session, you will be asked to stand and review the results of your procedure with Donna. Any required adjustments will be marked and made.    

Cosmetic Areola/Nipple Enhancement - If you have partial or total loss of areola pigment, or are dissatisfied with the shape and size of your areola, we will enhance the color of the areola and adjust its size and shape to one that you are most comfortable with. Cosmetic micropigmentation can also enhance the appearance of the nipple, as well as create the illusion of an erect nipple. You will be asked to approve the color and placement of pigments both before and after your session and, if required, adjustments will be made. 

For both procedures above, the implanted color will be slightly darker for the first five to ten days after your procedure until the top layer exfoliates, which will result in a softer and more natural looking color. A second procedure will most likely be necessary, and is normally performed four to six weeks after the initial procedure.

Areola Scar Minimization - Indelible Ink-New York will determine the ideal method for minimizing the appearance of your scar(s) after a full examination is performed and your medical information is reviewed.

After Your Procedure
After your procedure is completed, Indelible Ink-New York will apply a thin coat of a special ointment over the treated area and lightly cover it with a sterile bandage. They will then explain your post-procedure care instructions. You will also be provided with written instructions, as well as a take-home bag containing your complete aftercare supplies. 

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3-D Areola/Nipple Micropigmentation

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