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Donna Trimboli

 Founder of Indelible Ink-New York

Donna is a native of New York City who has traveled the world and has observed the uniquely human need to connect with others, and that a person seeks this connection more readily when she is comfortable in her body. 
Donna also understands that self-esteem has to come from within, but that there are times in a person’s life when her self-esteem can be enhanced by gaining – or regaining – the ability to take pride in her outward appearance, whether looking at herself in a mirror or being looked at by others. 
Donna was born with natural artistic talent, and throughout her career, she has combined the practices of Art and Science. 
She drew upon that talent when, early in her career, she entered the Cosmetology field, which is dedicated to the beautification of the face, hair and skin. She expanded into the field of Aesthetics to become a certified aesthetician, allowing her to deepen the beautification process with the addition of treatments such as dermabrasion, chemical peels, and lymphatic drainage. Donna then studied the science and application of Laser technology, and incorporated medical-grade laser services into her business to offer her clients hair, vein and age spot removal.
Micropigmentation is Donna’s most rewarding beautification practice. Donna has completed advanced training to become certified in eyebrow microblading and three-dimensional areola/nipple restoration and other areas of micropigmentation, such as areola enhancement. She excels in this field not only because she is a skilled artist and technician with an eye for perfection, but also because of her own personal experiences. She brings her natural empathy and earned expertise to everyone she is privileged to treat.

A Message From Donna

While I have not had cancer, I have intimate knowledge of the personal strength it takes to sustain the battle. Early, aggressive breast cancer runs in my family. Three very special women I loved died before their 45th birthday, 
My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1969. There was no such thing as breast reconstruction or areola/nipple micropigmentation. It would be decades before this became available to women who had mastectomies. Now there are choices and options. I wish I could have done this for my mother, but I feel honored that now I can do it for other women and men. My mother, and you -- those who seek my services -- represent the very core of courage and strength.
My logo celebrates everyone who has had cancer. I designed it after thinking carefully about these individuals – about you. The crown symbolizes power, triumph and victory; the lotus flower represents overcoming difficulty as it emerges out of murky waters and blooms with the unique strength that you  possess; and the circle represents life’s journeys.
I wish you all a healthy, long and happy life.
Lovingly,                                                                                                                      Donna

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